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On weekends I mostly monitor 28 Mhz. Most probably you will find me on TEN FM, also 29.600.




Merhaba, Hello,

This page is really under construction.

I changed my QTH many times, got my license as TA2MOG, which is now after a new regulation obslote, while being in Switzerland got HB9TOW call sign, but was not active. I by now have TA2IBY as call sign.

Meanwhile some regulations changed in Turkey, too. Call signs also. I will get mine new one in few days (during June 2014).

The information below was the first version of this page, many many years ago. I will keep it for a while just for recognization :)


---------old version----------

Ham Radio in Turkey

"This page is under construction" ;-)

Amateur radio is since 1983 legal in Turkey .  The relevant law regulates who can apply for an amateur radio licence, who can own and use which kind of station, as in other countries.

There are three "classes" for amateur radio in Turkey . "A Class" permits all bands, all mods. "C Class" is like the "novice class" one may operate up 144 MHz. "B Class" is something between. Operators fail or not take part of the morse code examines, get this one, with the option to obtain the "A Class".

Examines are held two times in a year and are in "multiple choice" method.  The questions are from the fields of law and regulations, electronics, operation of a station. Calls are given in order of  TA for Turkey , area code number and letters according to the class. For example TA2MOG means, from 2. Division of Turkey ( Ankara), MOG is a part of "C Class" amateur radio station/operator. If you talk to TA2AB, it means that you talk to an “A Class" station in Ankara .

The number of amateur radio operators in Turkey is not too much. I don't know the exact number yet, but should be around 2500. Mostly "C Class", with other words VHF operators. On the HF you will meet TA stations, real Old Man's ;-) not that they are old in means of age, but operators with a long time of background.

The reasons why we don't have many HF stations is very simple. First one is, as always, money. For people in USA or Europe , one can spare money and buy a fine TRX. Have a look of the GNP per capita in Turkey . Let's assume that one has the financial resources and will buy a TRX from aboard, the next obstacle is the custom and import regulations. If let's say Yaesu FT123 was not imported into Turkey before, you have to follow all the paper work as you were the "importer". Your trx will be taken, dissembled; all the technical data will be inspected. Off course you have to pay all the duties, like companies do.

One may say, well since we are amateur radio operators so we can build or TRX our own. Some could not imagine in the age of internet and globalizations, that getting a TRX kit will be something difficult. To make it short, some operators have their own TRX's made by Yaesu, Kenwood or Icom etc. others going out and looking for surplus or old used radio equipment and tune them.

TA HF operators can be contacted on ı would like to say, but I can't. You can listen "chat rooms" on 7099, 7155 and 3777

www.AmatorTelsiz.com is one man show site, and the English text is just to try to give you an idea. If you want to contribute to me with your questions, suggestions etc. it will be useful for others, too.

73's TA2IBY